Kenza Klay & Niya : 2 moroccan artisans to check out

I’ve been discovering the moroccan indie scene and wanted to show you my favorite finds. As Niya is a restaurant (and so much more), it might be a little tricky for international readers to see its appeal to them, but fear not, they have a whole shop section and if you follow their Instagram, you too can shop directly from the moroccan indies they display!

Kenza Klay

Pictures : @kenzaklay

Kenza Klay is a moroccan indie business creating gorgeous polymer clay earrings inspired by architecture and design like her gorgeous Terrazzo Earrings. Her Instagram is shock full of advice for entrepreneurs, people interested in making polymer clay earrings and she regularly shares some gorgeous moroccan indie businesses to check out, so definitely give her a follow. She is actually working to launch a whole class teaching entrepreneurs both the creative and business side of running an Indie business in Morocco, which I feel is something that will help energize the moroccan indie scene. On a side note, she has just announced a polymer clay workshop on her Instagram.

If you love artists collaborating, then you should check out her collaboration with @soylaila, a moroccan painter and her upcoming collab with, a very colorful illustrator.

Finally, let’s talk shipping/pricing before i tell you about my experience with her: shipping is free in Morocco, you can order earrings from her website to be shipped abroad, although she warns it would be quite expensive. All her earrings are priced between MAD 250-300 ( ~ $28 to $33).

also offers custom orders!

My buying experience : I ordered the Tropical Dream Earrings for a friend’s birthday, she already had them in stock, so we agreed on a date for her to drop them off the same week. I was really happy, she had a drop off option as i appreciate human contact and she seemed very kind. The transaction went smoothly, the earrings were gorgeous and the packaging was very thoughtful. So 10/10, can’t wait to place another order.

Niya Casablanca:

Pictures : niya_casablanca

Adress : 34, rue Sebou, Casablanca

As you may know, I’m a huge foodie, so as soon as Niya caught my eye, I reached out.

Niya is an intentional plant based restaurant and living space (yay!).
The co-owner, Chama’s, journey towards veganism started in 2012, from wanting to maker better choices for the environment to working with cats, the issues she learnt and cared about intertwined. Niya is the culmination of all the pieces of the puzzle fitting together, from veganism to social issues and shopping local.
Niya is a passion project that has been in the work for a long time, imagined to reflect its owners complexity, a living space, where food is the centerpiece, not the finality, bringing people with shared values to the table to discuss a range of topics and solutions.
This wonderful space is sectioned, showcasing a variety of music, photography and cruelty free/zero waste local products. The local products will be encompassing cosmetics (Terres des huiles), jewelry and slow fashion. For now, the focus will be on local indie businesses as they were hit the hardest by the pandemic, in the future though, Niya might be showcasing some international small ethical brands.
Niya’s menu will change throughout the seasons, the influences are all over the world, they pull inspiration from Asian/Mediterranean/Moroccan and for my fellow celiacs, they even offer some GF dishes !
For now, the restaurant is only open for pick up or delivery, find the menu on their Instagram.

My experience : I ordered their Double Smashed Burger and Mi-Cuit Chocolat Noir (GF) saturday. Unfortunately, a problem occured with the delivery and it wasn’t delivered until the next day, however they were more than generous in compensating for that delay, they even put in a lovely Pim’s Maison (that raspberry, chia & hibiscus jam was amazing) . The food was delicious, the burger was a great veggie burger, it was trying to imitate the texture of meat (i have some texture issues with meat so this was great), the homemade cheddar was smoky and the flavors melted nicely together. The Chocolate Demi-Cuit packed a solid chocolate punch and was very fudgy. Overall, the experience was a 10/10, I’ll be ordering again this week to try more of the menu and I can’t wait to actually visite the place !

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