Indie shops with cheap/free international shipping

One of the primary hurdles people encounter when getting into indies is the shipping cost in my opinion, especially for those that live outside of the US. So I decided to compile a small list of shops that ship for free internationally, at low cost(under $10) or ship for free with a (~$35)minimum spent, because who wants to spend $50+ just to get free shipping in a new shop. If this article is interesting and attracts suite a few readers, I’ll make additional installments.

Indie Shops with free international shipping :

  • SkinPassionNClassics is a group of artisans local to Ghana that make soaps, food products and wood carvings.
  • Valas Enchanted is a Czech maker that creates perfume based on deities, concepts and personnalities. Everything ships free in her shop except singular samples.
  • LittleFoxysTrinkets is a macrame artist that crafts jewelry inspired by fantasy, magic and nature.
  • EkawaCoffeeGifts is a Kenyan shop that celebrates Kenyan Coffee.
  • GoGreenWorld is an Armenian shop dedicated to natural healthy alternatives to things ranting from skincare to gluten free flours and ecobags.
  • Rhus Midoria is a family run, Ukranian perfume shop that has offerings for men, women and people that like unisex perfume.
  • Tasty Taiga is a Siberian shop showcasing authentic Siberian jams, teas, honey and sweets. (I highly recommend the honeysuckle jam, it’s delightful)
  • Inktally is a Manchester based artist offering an array of prints, shirts and cushions adorned with beautiful designs.
  • Magic Ceramic Shop is a Ukranian indie creating unique pottery.
  • Wooden Key Hanger is a Russian shop making intricate, nature based key hangers and candle holders.
  • MiriamsQuilling is a Romanian paper quilling artist specializing in flowers.

Indie shops with cheap international shipping:

  • Asgard Queen is Russian indie shop that offers cruelty free cosmetics as well as a rather alluring beauty box. (Her Shade Lime Green are what dreams are made of)
  • Anna Draws Stuff is a shop based in the Netherlands that makes buttons, pins, tarot decks and other art merchandise. (I bought her good omens Tarot, which you can see here and it was perfect).
  • Hohlidaki is a Greek indie shop that makes various pieces from wood such as jewelry, kitchen tools and small furniture.
  • Floriography is a shop based in Honk Kong that crafts perfumes, their Osmanthus Tea is divine, especially for floral lovers.
  • Raven and Crown is a shop in Germany that handmakes English Fudge. (Heavily recommend their Tonka Fudge)
  • VyanaBeauty is a Swedish indie that offers zero-waste, cruelty-free and vegan makeup and skincare. (And some nice samples if you don’t like commiting)
  • Lofi and Coffee is a UK based subscription box that does exactly as it says. They will be reopening on may 4th. You get to choose between 3 coffees for your subscription and will be Patong £5 for international shipping.
  • Lotus Flower Cosmetics is a beauty company based in Ukraine that offers cruelty free highly pigmented eyeshadows.
  • The Witch Basket is a First Nations owned company based in Canada making gorgeous bath and body products as well as wellness boxes.
  • IndependentsWarsaw is a niche perfumery based in Warsaw that offers very reasonnably priced sample packs.
  • PureBubsCreations is a Greek shop that handmakes cruelty free soaps and body products out of Greek organic olive oil.
  • Colour Lover Cosmetics is a Slovakian nail polish brand with some stunning colors, mainly their shade Pancy. (I’ll review Pancy as soon as I get it)
  • The Bath Bae handmakes gorgeous bath treats in the UK and ships according to weight.
  • ZS Indrāni is a family run organic farm and shop that handmakes candied, dried fruits and herbal teas in Latvia. (Give their hibiscus Jelly candy with white chocolate a whirl, you won’t regret it)
  • SoothemeSkincare is a vegan based skincare range, developped by a mother to help treat her son’s eczema. The brand has received a Gold Star by Green Parent Magazine.
  • MarrieKo is a Russian jeweler that creates bold statement pieces with a witchy flair.

Honorable mentions:

Indie Shops with free shipping over ~$35

  • MamaMeltsCo is a UK based shop making cruelty-free & vegan wax melts, candles and bath Bombs.
  • Natassa Sehi is a Macedonia-based jeweler specializing in Polymer Clay Embroidery, her pieces ship for free over $35 (or so i saw in her shop).

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