Crema di Pistacchio & Yuzu Pearls Chocolates (GF)

I don’t claim the recipe for crema di Pistachio in this recipe is authentic, it also is more white chocolate heavy than i usually make it, to be able to shape it into truffles. The raspberries do a great job at holding the yuzu pearls so you don’t pop them, in their place you can use the tips of waffle cones. This is a great treat and combines two of my favorite flavors: pistachios and citrus! I don’t usually include times but this recipe will take you about a day to a day and a half, due to the resting.

Ingredients : (Makes 16 medium sized chocolates)

-150g of good quality white chocolate, chopped
-100g of pistachios, no shells
-1/3 cup of heavy cream
-110g of dark chocolate (I used Valrhona’s 66% Caraïbes)
-48 Yuzu Pearls, 3 or 4 per truffle (I used Terre Exotique)
-16 frozen raspberries

Instructions :

-Melt the white chocolate over a double boiler.
-In a good processor, blitz the pistachios until they start releasing their oils, then add the white chocolate, pinch of salt and heavy cream and whizz until it forms a smooth thick liquid.
-Pour the crema di pistacchio in a lined pan and refrigerate overnight.
-The next morning, cut the top off the frozen raspberries and stuff them with 3 to 4 Yuzu Pearls.
-The crema di pistacchio should be a workable texture by now. Scoop up a piece, flatten it in a circle, and place the raspberry in the middle. Fold the crema di pistacchio over the frozen raspberry, chinese steamed dumping style. Then roll in a ball.
-Work quickly or in bursts, so the raspberry stays frozen and the crema di pistacchio workable.
-Put the chocolates in the fridge while melting the dark chocolate.
-Cover your chocolate balls with the dark chocolate, the shell should quickly harden. (I don’t recommend using a toothpick to dip them into the dark chocolate as it might pop the pearls)
-Let them sit a couple minutes before eating, when the raspberry softens and softly mixes with the soft crema di pistacchio is absolute heaven!

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