Indie Christmas Gift Guide: 32 best Gifts & Stocking Fillers 2020

We have put together a collection of stocking fillers and gifts from independent businesses, to offer the people in your life something unique and meaningful. You can get cheap and mass produced gifts off Amazon or any other major retailer, but they’ll quickly be put aside. The treats in this gift guide are unique, their creators have put love and thought into crafting them.

This gift guide is filled with stunning indie gems, fitting every budget and looking for a home so that your shopping makes a difference.
The shops featured span across Europe, Australia and North America.
The products are in ascending order according to price. Here are the price limits of every category:

-Beauty : Under $50
-Food & Alcohol: Under $75
-Jewellery: Under $200


1)Vice Pumpkin Butter, Haus of Gloi

📍Portland, USA

Description: Haus of Gloi’s Pumpkin Butters are pretty well know in the indie world for leaving your skin feeling velvety and nourished. They are a reliable favorite for many indie lovers because of their realistic, lush scents, their quality & fast TAT as well as their offerings that will satisfy any nose. Their general catalog list is nothing short of exceptional and Vice is a great example of that, mixing notes of fresh made Turkish coffee, marshmallow goo, graham cracker crumbs, toasted hazelnuts and black chocolate. Having sampled the perfume, it smells amazing, although i didn’t get the graham cracker note. It was still such an appetizing wintery comfort food scent, that makes you wanna curl up next to a fireplace. This is actually my mom’s favorite scent!

Who is it for: The mom that loves coffee.

Where does it ship: Worldwide.

2)Lucid Pressed Eyeshadow, Lethal Cosmetics

📍Berlin, Germany

Description: Lethal Cosmetics’ eyeshadows are also well know in indie communities, they are smooth, pigmented and easy to work with. They are 100% cruelty free & vegan and have quite a large range for you to choose from. But let’s talk about Lucid! It’s a beautiful emerald green/gold duochrome with a glittery metallic finish and light green reflections. It’s a gorgeous shade on its own (look at it) and will definitely elevate any outfit it’s paired with.

Who is it for: The lover of all shiny things.

Where does it ship: Internationally, free over €65.

3)The Flight of the Hummingbird Polish, Hit the Bottle

📍Coffs Harbour, Australia

Description : Hit the Bottle Polishes is a treasure trove for nail art fanatics, plenty of stamping plates, tools and nail polishes to create to your heart’s desire. The Flight of the Hummingbird is a multichrome polish, it shifts from magenta to copper to gold to green.

Who is it for: The friend that wants an upgraded version of the 70’s mood rings.

Where does it ship: Solely in Australia from their website, but check out their stockists if you’re outside of Australia.

4)Lagoon Nail Polish, The Tart Peach

📍Columbus, USA

Description : The Tart Peach is a smaller women-owned indie business that handmakes lip products and nail polishes in her small studio in Ohio. All her products are cruelty-free, nail polishes are vegan and 10-free additionaly. Lagoon is a gorgeous matte teal, the perfect color to accompany you through winter.

Who is it for: The nail artist who wants to be more substainable.

Where does it ship: The USA and Canada. Put LOCALPICKUP in the coupon area for a free drop-off.

5)Reaper Bath Soak, Madame Alchemie

📍United Kingdom

Description : I’ve already introduced Madame Alchemie on here, but a quick recap never hurts, she makes bookish inspired products for your face, hair and body. All vegan, cruelty free and deliciously magickal! Reaper is one of her bath soak and such a lovely rich scent, with notes of coffee, cardamom and haemanthus blossom. The florals are playing front and center in this scent with the coffee lending them a dark and sultry aura.

Who is it for: The friend that needs a confidence boost.

Where does it ship: Worldwide.

6)Pink Hibiscus Whipped Salt Scrub, Wicked Soaps Co

📍Holland, USA

Description : Wicked Soaps Co are a woman-owned business that specializes in luxurious small batch artisan skincare. They keep their ingredients list short, uncomplicated and often use locally sourced products so you can feel good about the products you’re using. Their Pink Hibiscus Scrub is their most popular scrub made entirely with pink Himalayan Salt, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and infused with Hibiscus powder and a blend of geranium & pink grapefruit essential oil.

Who is it for: The self care fanatic with dry skin.

Where does it ship: Worldwide.

7)Apple Crumble Perfume, FairyPants

📍Chester, UK

Description : FairyPants is a vegan & cruelty free small business that makes skincare, cosmetics and perfume, well-known for their fabulous lip balms (Key Lime Pie is amazing) . They are stocked in some well-known vegan markets like The Vegan Kind, Ethical Market and the Herman Vegan Drugstore. Their Apple Crumble Perfume is a very warm and fruits scent, perfect for the winter season. It’s described as “A delicious blend of warm apple puree and brown sugar highlighted by fruity notes of raisin, rich plum and lemon peel. All of this is covered with a golden topping of all-butter pastry crumble“.

Who is it for: The friend that wants to *be* a snack.

Where does it ship: Worldwide.

8)Sueños de Granada Perfume, Ananke Cosmetics

📍Granada, Spain

Description : Ananke Cosmetics is a botanical perfumer and artisan that creates cosmetics infused with essential oils to care for your body and connect everybody to their feminine energy. Their perfumes and cosmetics fuse ancient traditions with modern technique, organic and 100% natural products. All their perfumes are cruelty free, substainable and local. Sueños de Granada is a woody-spicy perfume with floral notes, it symbolizes the peak of Al Andalus culture, a moment in time where Granada was a place of high knowledge that helped people connect with their spirituality. It is inspired by that special moment of high cultural sensibility, really close to an initiatic path, where human beings crave to connect with their spiritual essence.

Who is it for: The friend that embodies the perfect balance between light and dark.

Where does it ship: In the EU.

9)Soap Block Collection Gift Set, Nana + Livy

📍Vancouver, Canada

Description : Nana + Livy is a minimalist & vegan artisan that makes food-based bath treats in Vancouver. Everything is handmade by Amelia, the owner and follows the principle that Beauty starts with food. Instead of applying this to delicious snacks, Amelia created bath products using healthy foods that can be applied directly onto your skin for nutrient absorption. The brand prides itself on its plastic-free packaging promotes zero waste. Their Soap Block Collection Set is the perfect gift with nine food-based cube soaps from their cold process soap collection. It includes: Rose, Matcha, Coffee, Orange, Lemon, Charcoal, Rice Milk, Blueberry and Lavender.

Who is it for: The one who struggles with picking anything.

Where does it ship: The US and Canada.

10)Sodium Fine Eye Shadow Palette, Makeup Scientist Cosmetics


Description : Makeup Scientist Cosmetics is a black-owned indie brand creating scientific inspired cosmetics. All their palettes are inspired by chemistry, cruelty-free and vegan. The Sodium Fine Eye Shadow Palette is their most famous palette, it’s a 12-colors palette combining mattes, shimmers, glitter mattes and pressed glitters. Simply put, it’s an eye-catching palette, not only because of its amazing packaging and concept, but also for its highly pigmented shadows.

Who is it for: The chem nerd that loves glam.

Where does it ship: The US, Canada and some European countries.

Food & Alcohol:

11)Carols Delight, Tadinka Nougat

📍London, UK

Description : Tadinka Nougat handmakes the luxury confection, first as an hommage to her mother and second to provide the market with luxury nougat that not only looks but also tastes good. Nougat is very personal for Tadinka, she describes it as a treat you but with every intention go gift but that rarely reached its intended recipient. In her own words, ” It’s a gift you buy for a stranger, a friend or a loved one because you know it will invoke a sense of nostalgia, warmth and happiness in them, just as it does you“. Her flavor Carols Delight is Christmas incarnate, the soft flavours of cranberry and pistachio dancing on your tongue as you first bite into the soft and chewy vanilla bean nougat. This flavor was also Tadinka Nougat’s first to be awarded a Great Taste Award.

Who is it for: The person that misses home or their family.

Where does it ship: only in the UK, although she does ship bespoke orders to other parts of the world.

12)Smoky Corn on the Cob Chocolate, Lagusta’s Luscious

📍New York, USA

Description : Lagusta’s Luscious is a woman-owned and operated business that makes artisanal vegan chocolates with bold flavors. They source all their products from artisans like themselves, and more often then source locally. Their products are 100% ethical and 100% post-consumer recycled paper and packing materials. Smoky Corn on the Cob is one of those bold flavors we were talking about, described by the maker as “exceedingly savory, polarizing, salty, and kind of remind you of a summertime barbecue”. Doesn’t it sound like something you should try at least once ?

Who is it for: The friend that is sceptical about sweet-savory combos.

13)Milk Hazelnut Spread with Salted Caramel Pieces, Le Comptoir de Mathilde

📍Drôme Provençale, France

Description : Now I could tell you about all the specs of this brand, but truth is this product is deeply personal and nostalgic for me. When I was having a tough time in Tours, I would go down to their ship in the city center, buy a jar and just eat it by the spoonful. It always made me feel better, even two spoons in. I heavily regret not having stocked up on it before returning to my country as I cannot find it here. I still remember that taste, not achingly sweet but oh so creamy, to tell you the truth I’m more of a dark chocolate gal, but this is so good!

Who is it for: The uni student that’s having a tough time.

Where does it ship: Europe.

14)Cardamom & Coffee Drinking Chocolate, Aneesh Popat

📍London, UK

Description : Aneesh Popat, founder of The Chocolatier is an award-winning chocolatier and the artisan that made me the Indie lover I am today. A couple years ago, I bought a three-month subscription to his monthy chocolates club and I was hooked from the first bite. After discovering him, I started exploring more indie alternatives. I still keep the three boxes i bought from him as a keepsake. His treats are innovative, bold and painstakingly crafted, he also stocks a vegan range. To this day, The Chocolatier is my go-to for recommendations and gifts. His Coffee & Cardamom Drinking Chocolate combines rich chocolate flakes with the finest green cardamom and coffee, for a decadent treat that packs a punch.

Who is it for: Your favorite person.

Where does it ship: Worldwide.

15)Vasilissa Wild Forest Raw Honey with Greek Black Truffle, Stayia Farm

📍Sydney, Australia

Description : The Vasilissa honey is produced island of Evia, in the Aegean, by a small organic apiary with no heat treatment or additives of any kind. It’s liquid gold that has won many awards for taste and quality. The Grecian Purveyor, its stockist, emphasises that it’s an untreated honey where the subtle truffle doesn’t overpower the honey but elevates it, “a smooth texture, delicately sweet flavour and subtle oaky aroma of the black truffle“. Vasilissa is one of their favorite products and targets discerning palates.

Who is it for: The friend that wants to vacation in Greece.

Where does it ship: Australia only.

16)Ten Piece Macaron Gift Box, La Petite Delicat

📍Lexington, USA

Description : La Petite Délicat is a locally-owned macaron shop that handmakes fine petite confections. For their 10-piece gift box, you can choose 10 flavors from this menu: Raspberry, Blackberry, Pistachio, Salted Caramel, Lemon Buttercream, Vanilla Buttercream, Hazelnut, Cookies & Cream, Pecan Bourbon, Earl Grey, Rosewater, Strawberry, Expresso and Dark Chocolate.

Who is it for: The coeliac with a huge sweet tooth.

Where does it ship: US only.

17)Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur, Chinola

📍Miami, USA

Description : Chinola is a creative collaboration whose goal was to create an old-world style liqueur from the Dominican passion fruit (Chinola). It’s an all-natural liqueur where the aromatic fragrance of the raw passion fruit juice really shines through. The brand’s star ingredient is sourced from their farm in the community of El Valle (DR). Their farm was designed by a botaniste to be environmental-friendly, substainable and create honey for the local community through their bees. Chinola empowers local farmers by giving them the tools and knowledge to grow the fruit the best way as giving back to the community is suite important to them. In short, you won’t only be purchasing a delicious beverages but also standing behind a brand that values local farming and substainable agriculture.

Who is it for: The liqueur enthusiast that wants to make a difference.

Where does it ship: Reserve Bar ships to Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina. Check Chinola‘s website for stockists near you.

18)The Gourmet Yuzu Collection, The Wasabi Company

📍Dorset, UK

Description : The Wasabi Company are the first commercial growers of Wasabi in Europe. Their Wasabi is grown in Britain, using traditional Japanese techniques. Their range includes fresh wasabi and unique wasabi products along with other popular Japanese ingredients, and yuzu products, many of which have Great Taste Awards. Their Gourmet Yuzu Collection includes seven of their wonderful products to satisfy your Yuzu cravings. Yuzu jam, Yuzu juice, Yuzu mayonnaise, Yuzu mustard, candied Yuzu peel, Namashibori Yuzu Ponzu and Wasabi Label Yuzu Soy Sauce are all the products you’ll get.

Who is it for: The friend that’s stepping out of their comfort zone.

Where does it ship: in Europe.

19)Moreau Apple Pie Liqueur, Mobius Distilling Co

📍Sydney, Australia

Description : Mobius Distilling Co was founded by a pair of friends, Alex and Philip, to create artisan spirits they’d like to share with friends and family. Their Moreau Apple Pie Liqueur is made by using fresh locally sourced apple juice and select spices, a warm and moreish liqueur with a well-balanced finish. And they weren’t the only ones to think so as this liqueur has won 2 gold medals and a silver medal this year.

Who is it for: The sophisticated drinker on a budget.

Where does it ship: Australia only.


20)Coat Hanger Necklace, Mixed Girl Made

📍Cleveland, USA

Description : Mixed Girl Made is a WOC-owned and operated indie jewellery business. Her jewellery uses a lot of thrifted, consigned and repurposed materials so quite a lot of her creations will probably never come back on stock. Her Coat Hanger necklaces are always available though and $5 from every purchased one goes to support an individual’s access to safe, affordable healthcare and reproductive justice. For Gaby (the owner), this creation is not only an important symbol of how far we’ve come but also a reminder of how fast we could backslide to those dark times. The Coat Hanger necklaces were created so she and others could display their political beliefs without risking being fired or in danger as it’s not overtly political.

Who is it for: The stylish feminist.

Where does it ship: US only.

21)Starry Forest Cuff Bracelet, Talisman Kind

📍Yorkshire, UK

Description : Talisman Kind handmakes vegan jewellery with recycled silver, ethically sourced gemstones and eco-resin. Her Starry Forest Cuff Bracelet is work of art that you can pick up in either recycled silver or copper, it’s a handstamped Starry night in the forest. This is especially close to the owner’s heart as she loves walking in the woodland and stargazing.

Who is it for: The outdoors lover.

Where does it ship: Worldwide.

22)Mistra Studs, Amearth

📍Stockholm, Sweden

Description : Amearth makes wire wrapped jewellery with a dark witchy aesthetic out of eco-friendly materials. If you have me on Instagram, you’ve probably been bombarded by me racing about this shop as it is one of my jewellery crushes. Not only is the jewellery gorgeous but Olivia, the artist, is such a sweetheart! Her Mistra Studs are elegant studs made of copper and natural gemstones, you get to choose between Amethyste, Hematite and Blue Tiger Eye. Described as a must-have for anyone who loves elegance and a bit of mischief, they are an absolute stunner and currently on my wish list.

Who is it for: The one that wants to upgrade their style.

Where does it ship: Worldwide.

23)Ouroboros Necklace with Pink Mother of Pearl Flower, Feral Soul Jewellery

📍Sheffield, UK

Description : Feral Soul Jewellery makes handcrafted & affordable jewellery with gemstones and .925 Sterling Silver. Her Vine Wrapped Ouroboros Necklace with Pink Mother of Pearl Flower is an hommage to one of her favorite symbols the Ouroboros, that fascinates her, as in all the cultures and time periods it’s been found, its meaning has remained the same. The Pink Mother of Pearl, denotes the stress-reliving power of the sea, has been hand-carved into a beautiful little flower. These are made to order.

Who is it for: The one that needs a bit of grounding energy in their life.

Where does it ship: UK, USA and Europe.

24)Macrame Sunflower Earrings, Little Foxys Trinkets

📍Lamia, Greece

Description : Elena, the artist behind Little Foxys Trinkets was one of the first artisans featured on this blog for her beautiful macrame work inspired by nature, magic and fantasy. These Sunflower Earrings are hand knotted micro macrame in an exquisite flower pattern. This creation was inspired by one of the sunflower’s meanings, friendship as well as the beauty of the flower itself. This is the perfect gift to show a friend they are special to you as yellow is such a happy color.

Who is it for: The friend that misses summer.

Where does it ship: Worldwide.

25)Carved Floral & Amber Hoop Earrings, Shape Of Fire

📍Queensland, Australia

Description : Shape Of Fire’s owner and artist has studied under world-renowned glass artists and have been featured in worldwide magazines, she created unique jewellery using the highest quality fine and sterling silver, ethically sourced high-grade Gemstones, and natural mined Turquoise. Her Carved Floral & Amber Sterling Hoop Earrings are apart of the Honeybee Collection, they are dear to her heart as they are the design of her 19 year old daughter who told her exactly how to make them.

Who is it for: The fun young on a budget.

Where does it ship: Worldwide.

26)Serpent Labradorite Necklace,Silvestris Catus


Description : Silvestris Catus has been making intriguing and uncommon jewellery for dark souls since 2016. To me, all her jewellery feels very cosy and re-assuring like a good book you always curl up with. Her Serpent Labradorite Necklace takes on the mysticism of the snake in a personal approach, their fierce nature, their symbolism of fertility, femininity and transformation are all represented in here.

Who is it for: The forrest witch that wants to reinvente herself.

Where does it ship: Worldwide.

27) Art Nouveau Flourish Feather Ring, Magpiper Jewelry

📍New Castle, USA

Description : The artist behind Magpiper Jewelry comes from a long line of artists in the heart for the Appalachia. Her jewellery is simple and the details are delicate as to let the craft speak for itself. Her Art Nouveau Feather Ring is made using an antique original Art Nouveau die, whose artists are unknown ans long forgotten. This ring bring them back to life by connecting the wearer with a past full of beauty.

Who is it for: The art history buff.

Where does it ship: Worldwide.

28)Wildflower Cuff, Earth & Agathe

📍California, USA

Description : Earth & Agathe makes wearable adornments that are Earth inspired. Her jewellery is very true to reality and almost impossibly detailed, liker Gingko Wrap Ring, like it was made by a nymph herself. Her Wildflower Cuff is an hommage to her love of nature but also to the wild nature that lives inside all of us.

Who is it for: The one that is learning to let loose.

Where does it ship: More than 50 countries including France, Canada & Honk Kong.

29)Dragonfly with Gemstone Necklace, Saffron & Ana Phoenix Jewellery

📍The Highlands, UK

Description : Saffron & Ana Phoenix are sisters that make silver, gold and gemstone jewellery while striving to be as environmental-friendly as possible. Their Dragonfly with gemstone Necklace is sterling silver with a Peridot (August gemstone). In almost every part of the world the Dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability.This necklace is a wearable totem to positive forces, which paired with the peridot becomes a powerful aid for self-realization, joy, lightness of being and love.

Who is it for: The one that’s on a self improvement journey.

Where does it ship: Worldwide.

30)Honeycomb Turquoise Flower Ring, The Wild Path

📍Norfolk, UK

Description : The Wild Path is a woman-owned business handcrafting slow jewellery in rural Norfolk. All of her unique pieces are inspired by nature, the wilderness and her travels as well as being made with recycled sterling silver & meticulously sourced turquoise. If like me you love turquoise and a naturecore/rustic aesthetic, she is definitely an artist worth following. Her Honeycomb Turquoise Flower Ring (only 2 available) is part of her Home of the Honeycomb collection, an ode to the bees. In this particular Honeycomb Ring, the silver + Turquoise flower is a place for the Bee to take his nectar which sits on top of a Silver honeycomb. Each element of the ring is completely hand forged using recycled (where possible) sterling silver/fine silver and the small drop of turquoise is from the Sleeping Beauty Mine.

Who is it for: The turquoise lover.

Where does it ship: Worldwide.

31)Champagne Agathe Halo, Moon Tea Shoppe


Description : Moon Tea Shoppe is a small black-owned tiara, halo and hair accessories shop. One of the very first halos made by the artist, the Champagne Agate Halo is inspired by one of her favorite pieces of iconography from the Renaissance period– the golden halos. She wanted to recreate this timeless adornement and put her own spin on it as she would often dream of inserting herself in the paintings that unfortunately rarely featured POCs. This halo is different, as it draws on the paintings as inspiration but puts everyone in the spotlight, POCs or not, with no discrimination, as it gloss and changes in the sunlight.

Who is it for: The POC that wants to be the representation they didn’t see growing up aka badass princes/princesses.

Where does it ship: Worldwide.

32)Anatomical Heart Necklace, Skogen Jewellery

📍Elmshorn, Germany

Description : Skogen’s handcrafted jewellery is testament to true craftsmanship and if the devil is the details, Alena might be the Lord of the Underworld himself. Everything from her stamping, the splendid collection of stones used and the delicate details of her more intricate pieces ( side eye to her Custom Raven) denote an unmatched care level for the stories she mold into metal and her customers. Every one of her pieces is imbued with such magick, it’s almost like sampling a compelling atmospheric perfume. One that reminds you of the tales of fairies and monsters that used to be read to you as a child, except this time Alena is taking you along dark corridors to sneak a peek at her creations, letting your imagination run wild, so enticing you can’t distinguish the fairies from the monsters anymore. Her anatomical heart necklace with its druzy stone and starry night is a compelling example of that.

Who is it for: A dark heart wanting to be conquered.

Where does it ship: Internationally, US included.

9 thoughts on “Indie Christmas Gift Guide: 32 best Gifts & Stocking Fillers 2020

  1. Honey, drinking chocolate, fruit liquor, maccaroons… where to begin.. oh yes, I’m supposed to be buying gifts for other people, not myself.

    Sriously though, this list is fantastic, thank you for compiling. In a year when we must be supporting the independant retailer and artisan more than ever, there is something for everyone here. And no reason to go on that pesky book delivery website whose name doesn’t bear mentioning here.

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