Shop Ethical,Shop Witchy Part 7

All pictures belong to the businesses featured.

1)The Soldered Spell:

The Soldered Spell was opened in January 2019, a ladysmith whose creations give homage to nature and more specifically the moss-covered forests of the Pacific Northwest. Every thing from the crystals/raw materials in her pieces being self collected to the crescent moon that marks them speaks to the magic being put into her creations. The Soldered Spell‘s story of origins began when its founder Nikki caught the crystal fever, which turned into wanting to make something wearable with the crystals she collected, wire-wrapping turned out to be a dud so she took nighttime soldering classes and the rest is history. The Soldered Spell is coming out with a new collection “The Forest Forager” today at 4:20 pm PST. The Forest Forager (pieces from the collage’s top row) captures the spirit of Nikki’s favorite activity: foraging for all that the earth offers. The Forest Forager is the perfect forrest witch collection with its hand sawed mushrooms, toads and ferns, it will contain 12 pendants and one pair of earrings.

The Soldered Spell ships solely in the US, for free on $35+ orders, her prices range from $50 to $400. Nikki has given the readers of this blog a coupon, use ARTEMISEATS at checkout for $5 off AND a free Sunshine Brand silver polishing Cloth.

Go check out her Etsy to infuse your life with some forrest witchery or to grab one of her exquisite chanterelle mushroom pendants!

2)The Green Faye:

The Green Faye is a polymer clay artist and painter that makes roach clips, ornate jars and bottles as well as lighter cases. The hobby started during the pandemic and quickly progressed into an Etsy shop featuring an array of nature inspired trinkets. Her prices range from $20 to $100 depending on the piece. The Green Faye‘s creations are all derived from her love of anything fantasy or magical. She ships in the US and internationally so do check out her Etsy for a splash of whimsy in your life.

3)Newera Jewels:

New Era Jewels has been making fascinating jewelry for more than 6 years now, her style varies from dark and mysterious to kawaii and happy. New Era Jewels’ founder Ramona learned silversmithing in high school, obtained a degree in sculpture then years later, picked it up again and New Era Jewels was born. All of her pieces are sourced ethically and range from $80 to $1000 and can be purchased through her Instagram or website. New Era Jewels is set to release the second part of her Halloween collection at the end of October or the beginning of November (check out this gorgeous piece).

New Era Jewels ships all over the world, she also makes customs and will work with you on a payment plan for her pieces!

Check out her Instagram to look at more of her beautiful creations or snap yourself something from her next collection.

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