The Best Indie Advent Calendars 2020 (Updated)

Do you wanna bag yourself a chic advent calendar filled with luxurious products AND support small businesses ? Then this list is for you, it contains everything from beauty to food. All of the advent calendars included here are limited edition, so snag your favorite before it is sold out. Subscribe or bookmark this article as it will be updated every week with spoilers and new advent calendars!

Beauty Advent Calendars:

1)The Nestling Doll Shop:

The Nestling Doll Shop‘s advent calendar is full of 25 handcrafted bath treats to make you feel pampered and relaxed. All products will come in mini sizes (2-3oz) and will include : Body Butters, Sugar Whipped Soaps, Wax Melts… The Advent Calendar is available in pre-order at the moment for $84.95 with shipping to Canada, Mexico, the US and the UK. The advent calendar will ship on November 9th, some scents have been revealed, see below or on their website for spoilers. Word of warning, pre-orders are ending soon for this advent calendar.


-Peppermint Mocha: peppermint and a hint of coconut milk blend with rich chocolate and creamy vanilla.

-Holly Berry: berry and plum with top notes of cinnamon and clove.

-Gingerbread Cookie: oven fresh gingerbread sprinkled with warm cinnamon and swirled with drops of golden butter.

2)Freedm Street:

Freedm Street’s Advent Calendar is called Eco Land and is the UK’s first Vegan, Cruelty-Free AND Plastic-free advent calendar. It is a multi-brand advent calendar, in addition to to its lovely beauty products, you’ll also be getting clothing, home fragrance and snacks. 3 of the doors will be good deeds you have done for charity by purchasing the advent calendar. Another unique feature of this calendar is that you will be able to chose if you want make-up or not. The Freedm Street advent calendar will contain 17 full size products,you can buy it for £149 with an RRP of £325. It will ship internationally with free UK shipping.


-Door 1 : Bumi, Green Clay, Matcha, Maca Root & Hemp Face Mask, 60ml, £29.

-Door 5: Ben & Anna, Natural Shower Tablets, 120gr, £11.95.

-Door 10: Fetcha Chocolates, Classic Collection Box of 6, £9.95.

For a full unboxing, check out Sammy Louise.

3)Lantern & Wren:

2019 Advent Calendar Pouch (credit to @nagelschatz)

Lantern & Wren‘s 12 days of Nail Polish is for nail art lovers (they also carry a 12 days of stamping advent). It contains 12 full-sized polishes, created by multiple lovely brands exclusively for the advent. Every item inside is wrapped individually, labeled with the day to open it along with a clue of what is inside. The Advent is available for pre-order now at $114.99 (RRP $165), pre-order list will close after a month to give the makers time to develop their polishes that will be shipped to you on November. Shipping is included in the price of the advent calendar for US customers and extra for international orders. To know the brands participating, check the spoilers below.


The brands announced are : Stella Chroma, Hit the bottle, Ellagee, Penelope Luz, Cuticula, Girly Bits, Glisten&Glow, Moonflower Polish and Cupcake Polish.

4)The Beauty Advent Calendar:

2019 Beauty Advent Calendar look

The Beauty Advent Calendar is the ultimate cruelty free, substainable & vegan gift for beauty lovers with 25 doors filled with Australian beauty treats. 17 full sized beauty products, featuring everything from soaps to serums and make-up. The Beauty Advent Calendar is worth over AU$600 (~USD 428), and is available to purchase for AU$245 (~USD 174) for first time customers. Returning customers can buy the 25 Day Refill, containing the exact same products for AU$195 (~USD 139). If the full calendar is a bit too expensive for you, don’t worry they offer other options, such as 12 day Advent Calendar that sells for AU$149 (RRP: $330) or The Beauty Bonbons with 2-4 products inside, they are priced $35-$65. All these beauty treats ship in Australia mainly, but if you want it, you can drop a message to them over on Instagram and they will discuss shipping with you. All these gorgeous treats will be out very soon so remember to subscribe to their newsletter to snag one before they’re all sold out.


-The 25 Day Advent Calendar will contain these luxurious brands : Rohr Remedy, Inika Organic, Edible Beauty, Original & Mineral, Raww and more.

-The 12 Day Advent Calendar will contain 7 full sized products and will feature these brands: Rohr Remedy, Aspect Skincare, Terra Tonics and more.

-The Beauty Bonbons are set to themes : Glow, Summer, Hydrate, Mystery, Relax and Glam. They will include these brands: The Jojoba Company, Kester Black, Terra Tonics and more.

Don’t forget to sign up to their newsletter!

5)Greenery Beauty:

Greener Beauty has released their first Vegan & Cruelty Free multi-brand Advent Calendar and it’s a gorgeous offering for any beauty lover. It contains 29 products, of which 23 are full size, in addition to that, there will be donations made for you, edible treats and gift vouchers.The Advent Calendar just came out for pre-order at £129, the beauty products in it retail for £260, while the full advent‘s RRP is a shopping £350. The Advent is 90% plastic free and contains products from 20 UK compagnies, one European brand and one New Zealand company. Each Calendar will plant ten trees and feed a turkey for a month.


-You will receive four gift vouchers to vegan-run businesses that can be anything from clothing to mail order cakes. As well as one gift voucher to the Greener Beauty shop.

-Here is a full list of the beauty products included (from their website) :

6)Wildflower Bath Bombs:

Wildflower Bath Bombs Advent Calendar is loaded with 25 mini bath bombs individually wrapped and labelled. All the bath bombs are handmade in the Adelaïde Hills in Australia and are chemical free and child friendly. The Calendar is out now for AU$39.95 and ships worldwide. It will contain plenty of christmas offerings as well as classic bath bombs to allow you to explore the Wildflower bath range. Find the full spoilers on her Etsy.


Pink Sugar Bath Bomb: Cotton Candy, Sweet Lemon drops & Raspberries all wrapped up in Orange Caramel.

Chocolate Block Bath Bomb: Rich & Creamy Chocolate Notes with Hazelnut, Buttermilk & Hints of Caramel.

Fairy Garden Waffle: Beautiful Sweet Floral Scent with an Explosion of flotter.

Food & Alcohol Advent Calendars


Nibblette‘s advent calendar is for all chocolate lovers, ethical consumers and vegans. Nibblette is an award-winning indie chocolatier in the UK, their 24-doors advent calendar will delight your senses with a mix of flavours from their luxury classics, Autumn/Fall 2020 collection as well as their unreleased Winter Collection (Spoiler: it will be very boozy). You can get the calendar in pre-order now for £34.95 with free UK delivery (it only ships in the UK, unfortunately) and you will get to choose between a Regular or a Vegan Advent Calendar. All advent calendars will ship at the end of November.


Mango and Passion fruit Bonbons which you can either find in their vegan box or their classics box.

Cassia chocolates made with Valrhona Caraïbe 66% dark chocolate shell and Cassis bark creamy ganache.

Follow their Instagram for more sneak peeks.

2)O’Donnell Moonshine:

The O’Donnell Moonshine Advent Calendar is the perfect gift for lovers of liqueurs and anyone wanting to get into the holiday spirit. The Advent Calendar will contain a mix of their handcrafted Minis bottled in mason jars as well as one 700ml Jar filled with an unreleased Christmas flavor. The calendar will not only feature boozy deliciouness but also some yet unreleased merch and a lucky dip. The lucky dip is a guaranteed £10 voucher to their online shop, but if you get really lucky, you might score the £20, £50 or £100 voucher. The O’Donnell Moonshine Advent Calendar is out now, you can get it for £119 (RRP £180). Shipping is solely in the UK. Quantities are limited to 500 advent calendars so snap one up before they’re gone!


-Some of the merch you will be getting : a branded wallet, an enamel mug, a cocktail shaker lid to reuse the jars, a bandana and more.

-You will be getting 12 minis, each containing 50ml of their handcrafted spirits.

3)The Borneo Pantry:

The Borneo Pantry has released their Chutney Advent Calendar, the perfect treat for all the foodies out there. Packed full of handmade and award winning chutneys, this advent calendar is also vegan and vegeterian-friendly. Behind each door, you’ll find a 50g jar of one of 12 flavors, with an extra treat on Christmas Eve. The Chutney Advent Calendar sells for £65 with free UK shipping. There are only 50 available, so get your before they sell out. Take a look below to see some product spoilers.


-Award-winning Christmas Chutney, which has won a gold medal in the 2020 Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards.

Caramelised Onion Marmalade

-Award-winning Proper Piccalilli, a 2018 Great Taste Awards winner (Gold Star).

4)Scout & Cellar:

Scout & Cellar‘s Advent Calendar is a selection of clean-crafted wines and spritzers to bring you all the christmas cheer. Packed full of eight 187ml bottles and 4 cans paired with this season’s most special moments. The Advent Calendar, called Celebrate The Season, has just been released for sale, it sells for $119 and you can your preferred shipping date. The Scout & Cellar Calendar includes one special edition wine (yay!) and doesn’t ship to : Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Utah, and P.O. Boxes. The Calendar comes with a QR code that leads to a digital tasting card and a special holiday message. All the wines inside have been revealed, if you want to know all the details, keep scrolling!


-1 can Epic Pursuit White Wine Spritzer (250mL)

-1 can Epic Pursuit Rosé Wine Spritzer (250mL)

-1 bottle 2019 Gallivant Bubbly White Wine (187mL)

-1 can 14K Bubbly White Wine (187mL)

-1 can 14K Bubbly Rosé (187mL)

-2 bottles of 2019 Fieldhouse 301 Chardonnay (187mL each)

-1 bottle 2018 Fieldhouse Pinot Noir (187mL)

-1 bottle 2019 Fieldhouse 301 Red Wine Blend (187mL)

-1 bottle Bookbinder’s Apprentice 1st Edition Red Wine Blend (187mL)

-1 bottle 2018 Fieldhouse Cabernet Sauvignon (187mL)

-1 bottle 2018 Gallivant Cabernet Sauvignon (187mL)


Eponine has released a Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar (and a non-vegan one) to revolutionize your vegan Christmas with their smooth, luxurious and velvety chocolate truffles. The Advent Calendar is filled with 24 chocolate truffles made in 8 flavors including ganache and praline fillings. The Vegan Calendar is out for pre-order now, at £35 and will be dispatched at the end of November solely in the UK. Keep in mind that Eponine‘s a multi award-winning chocolatier so their advent calendar will sell out fast!


Flavors will include Mince Pie, Gingerbread Praline and Clementine & Almond. Check out their Instagram to look at some of their dreamy confections.

6)Kaffe box:

Kaffe Box has released their Speciality Coffee Advent Calendar for lovers of quality coffee from top notch roasters. The Advent Calendar contains 24 coffres to enjoy, 2 from each scandinavian roaster. Each tube will contain 50g of whole bean, roasted to order Coffee. The Calendar is out for pre-order now with a 7% early bird discount (ends November 1st) for ~$158 with free worldwide shipping. For you to get the freshest coffee, the tubes will be sent in 3 shipments of 8 tubes each, starting November 19th. You can request for everything to be sent together on Decembre 5th. On to the good deed part: for every Calendar sold, Kaffe box donates ~$22, with the funds raised, they will sponsor the entire costs of building a clean water well in a developing country.


-Some of the roasters featured are: Coffea Circulor, Ild og Bønner, Muttley & Jack and more.


CrateChef has put together their first Advent Calendar with 24 surprises to fit all your foodie needs. The Advent Calendar is a mix of artisanal food products, brand new to the box with some christmas inspiration as well as some gadgets and tools. The products will range from well-known artisans to less common spices and products not found on Amazon. You will be able to sample an array of food offerings to help you cook up something new for this season as well as expand your palate. The Advent will include some past chefs’ favorites, none that were ever in the previous CrateChef boxes. The Calendar is out now at $149.99 (RRP $160), if you subscribed to the September or October CrateChef, you will have a whopping $50 off the Advent Calendar. Shipping is free in the United States and at additional cost to Australia, the UK and Canada. We also have some exclusive spoilers for you so keep on reading!


-SpiceWalla: Pumpkin Pie Spice Tin

-Jacobsen: Flavored Sea Salt

-Olive & Sinclair: Duck Fat Caramels

-Truff: Black Truffle Hot Sauce

-Ziba Foods: Apricots Kernels

-Noble: 01 Barrel Matured Maple Syrup

8)The Painted Peacock:

The Painted Peacock’s Advent Calendar is full of 24 hand painted chocolate bonbons for a treat everyday. Filled the most beautiful edible art, this Calendar is out for pre-order now at £33.50 with free shipping in the UK. The bonbons will be a mix of vegan and classic flavors as well as some Christmas Specials. The Calendar will contain award-winning flavors and will sell out fast !


-Award-winning Pink Peppercorn Bonbon with pistachios

-Fresh Mint Bonbons

9)Marimba World:

Marimba World Advent Calendar is our first fully customizable calendar! The Calendar will contain 24 chocolates handmade in Marimba’s chocolatier shop in Sudburry. The full list of their chocolates is available on their website enabling you to pick and choose flavors that suit you. If you want a complete surprise, they also have the option to choose for you. Pick yours here.

Lifestyle Advent Calendars

1)The Luxury Advent Calendar by Cu Living:

The Luxury Advent Calendar is a collaboration between 8 indie shops to promote UK small businesses, it only ships within the UK. All items are handcrafted and range from food, to decor, leather goods and jewellery. This Advent Calendar is the perfect gift with 24 handmade luxurious gifts, in addition to the items, you will also receive vouchers for the shops featured. Cu Living is the brain behind this gorgeous calendar as they have hand picked carefully the 7 shops participating. The Calendar is out now, you can buy it for £85 (RRP £150), it will be shipped to you on November 9th. Only 50 Advent Calendars are available, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!


-Here are all the brands participating : Ami & Lo, Kntted London, Sweet C’s Chocolates, Rosanna Clare, Kimmy B, Imbue Creations, Cu Living Giftware and Mina’s Art and Craft.

-You’ll be getting a box of 4 chocolates, from Sweet C’s chocolates. From this Instagram post, you might be getting them in one of these flavors : White Chocolate & Passion Fruit Pralines, Dark Chocolate & Amaretto Truffles or Milk Chocolate & Cornish Sea Salt Caramel. The fourth flavor might be either a new flavor or these Gin Ganache filled Chocolates.

-You’ll be getting a pair of studs from Ami & Lo. From the sneak peek post, you might be getting these cork leather drop studs.

-From Imbue Creations, you will be getting a concrete candle holder like this one.

2)Book of the Wick:

Book of the Wick is releasing a 12 Days Advent Calendar full of candles for all the good smells lovers. This advent calendar contains twelve 1oz Christmas inspired mini candles to delight your senses. The candles will come in mini jars and will have a 7 hour burn time each. Shipping for the Advent Calendar is free in Australia and AU$19.99 internationally. The Calendar will be out for pre-order October 3rd and will be shipping on November 1st.


-On day 6, you will be getting a candle in the scent Gingerbread.

-On day 8, the scent will be Hot Chocolate.

-On day 10, the scent will be Mistletoe.

3)Fictional Boutique:

The Fictional Boutique’s Advent Calendar is a bookworm’s dream come true. Full of 25 bookish treats, this calendar contains some exclusive items that will not be sold in the shop such as a an M book sleeve, five 60ml candles and a fortune jar. You can order it right now for 73€, the retail value is over 90€. The best bit is, you won’t have to wait for this calendar to ship! Shipping is scheduled 1 to 5 business days after the order is placed. The advent calendar will ship with tracking, worldwide to delight book lovers from all countries : 4€ in Slovenia and 14.95€ to any other country. Get yourself one before they are before they are all sold out!


-The Fortune Jars are from Starman and will contain 30 handfolded stars in blue and white with cute winter quotes inside.

-The exclusive candles will be made with luscious Christmas scents to get you in the Jolly spirit like Christmas Spice Cookies, Caramel or Cinnamon.

-Here’s a sneak peek at some of the other items : Fall into reading bookmark, Christmas Sticker, Cozy Winter Sticker Sheet and Christmas bookmark.

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