Shop Ethical, Shop Witchy Part 6

1.Elizabeth O’Rourke:

Elizabeth O’Rourke is a one-woman atelier producing avant-garde wearable art pieces. Her journey started as a photographer creating avant garde upcycled clothes for her models but quickly evolved into a business that makes you rethink your buying habits. Each piece is hand modified and adorned, bought secondhand or from a small ethical business, its creator’s darkness and magic etched into the piece’s very essence. The Atelier is coming out with a new collection called Haxan, on september 27th, caracterized with new jewellery making techniques and crying eyes. It’s founder describes it as the punctuation at the end of your clothing sentence, a sneak peek : Crying Crescent Moon Kaftan.

Elizabeth O’Rourke’s pieces run from $40 to $200 for a wild jacket, while her jewellery is typically $150-$300. Shipping is only available in the United States.

Have a bit of a browsing seance in her shop for dark statement pieces with a mission.

2.Angel DeLisi Art:

Angel DeLisi produces enchanting artwork on several mediums ranging from moleskine to wood slice. Her creations welcome you in a fairy-like world, an hommage to her childhood dream. Her art is inspired by the chronic illness she battles every day as well as her favorite movies, fashion, horror and everything witchy. Her Etsy shop is having an update tomorrow with lots of Halloween goodies coming in, including wooden plaques (left picture), handpainted notebooks and this gorgeous Sun+Moon painting.

Angel DeLisi’s prints cost $10-$20 while original artwork ranges from $15-$100. Now for the best news, she ships internationally! Shipping is also free in the US over $35.

Head on over to her Etsy to snag her new spooky collection before it sells out!

3.Marble Moon Studio:

Marble Moon Studio is a quirky art shop founded by Sam West, it was born to fill in the lack of diverse tarot decks produced by the mass market. Sam has been making decks, since she was child, first as a way to understand the meaning of each card and now as a way to capture her feelings and explore her aesthetic. Her Cosmic C*nt Deck is a fun alien-themed, affordable deck at $25, perfect for beginners that just want to explore. Her Penelope Tarot is the one she made while pregnant with her daughter, it captures her joy and hope in the pandemic whilst playing with the stereotypes of femininity. She is currently working on her fourth tarot, the Macabre Tarot, an exploration of our shadows and darkness. It is a gorgeous a luxurious deck in black and gold that will come in a coffin shaped box.

Marble Moon Studio‘s prices start at $8 for a pin and go up to $45 for a deck, the shop ships everywhere, if you encounter any problems, shoot the owner a message.

For beautiful fun decks, head on over to her shop and for Penelope themed home goods, her Redbubble is a treasure mine.

4.Elisa Plance Designs:

Elisa Plance handcrafts elegant, rustic and nature-inspired jewellery. With a background in illustration and metalsmithing, she makes unique, one of a kind pieces inspired by her upbringing in the Catskill Moutain and her travels, namely the architecture and landscapes of Buenos Aires and Northern Spain. She started her studio a year ago as a creative outlet and has since been designing gorgeous collections with stones sourced ethically from lapidary artists. Her upcoming collection will be featuring a lot of amber and some citrine rings, the sale is going live september 25th at 5pm EST, so mark your calendars and sign-up for her newsletter as she offers coupons.

Elisa Plance‘s pieces start at $50 and can go up to $250 with free first class international shipping to anywhere.

Bookmark her website to get yourself a gorgeous citrine ring or any one of her unique nature inspired pieces.

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