Shop Ethical, Shop Witchy Part 5

1.Waxing Moon:

Waxing Moon is a magickal business created by Naomi to share her witchcraft infused creations with the world. What started out as a hobby [candle-making], soon turned into a full-fledged Etsy shop, acting as a sort of shepherd, guiding people into a more positive lifestyle. The mindset of its creator is embodied into every aspect of this cute little shop, from environmental consciousness to its name: Waxing Moon, the moon phase for growth and manifestation.

Waxing Moon‘s shipping prices start at £2 within the UK and £7.40 internationally. Whereas product prices range from £1.25 for a set of incense cones to £19 for a large limited edition candle.

Head on over to her Etsy to pick up some delightful creations to aid your wellbeing and growth journey, like these precious Pumpkin Wax Melts. Or you can wait for her 15% off sale on Mabon (21th September-27th September). PS: the first five customers get a free gift.

2.Tastefully Twisted Jewelry:

Tastefully Twisted Jewelry is a trove for lovers of shiny things, which is further cemented by the nickname of its owner in her youth “Magie”. She describes herself and her venture as : A slightly witchy lady who likes to make pretty things with pretty stones and that couldn’t be more correct! This is shop for people that want to dip their toes into something slightly witchy, but mostly pretty, what you’ll get are intricate wire-wrapped jewelry and insight into how certain stones resonate with people.

Tastefully Twisted Jewelry ships in the United States for now, although shipping areas might expand after the pandemic. Pieces cost anywhere from $5 to $60 depending on the intricacy of the dire wrapping and the cost of the materials.

Give this lovely shop a follow on Instagram to discover new pieces or participate in the giveaway hosted when she will hit 300 followers.

3.Kats Eye Charms:

Kat’s Eye Charms is its creator’s queedom filled with alluring witchcraft, entertwining fantasy and sci-fi she grew up with. A creative outlet for it’s founder Kat, this Etsy shop’s creations are hand sculpted with polymer clay. They are the perfect medium to explore mythology, sci-fi and nature’s beautiful offerings through the prism of their maker.

Kat’s Eye Charms ship for free in the United States and for many creations, worldwide too. Her prices start at $40 and go up to $125. At times, she also makes customs, like the cat amulet on the right photo.

Whether you want to get your geek on with a sci-fi inspired pendant or just wear a gorgeous creations, head on over to Kat’s Etsy.

You've done it!

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