Day Cream Battle: Avant Skincare vs Antipodes

It took me quite a while to find products that work for my oily, sensitive, POC skin as when i was growing up, there wasn’t much representation or education on this subjet. Now things are way more accessible but i still hope this article would help somebody!


Brand Introduction: Antipodes is an award-winning, cruelty free, organic and scientifically-validated skincare brand using New Zealand ingredients.

Product: Rejoice Light Facial Day Cream Mini, which you can get either from their website or one of their trusted stockist, like Naturisimo or Feelunique. I got mine through Naturisimo’s monthly box.

Price: On their website, the full size (60ml) is $38, which makes the 15ml I have about $9.5.

Review: I had such high hopes for this brand as I’d heard so much about them. Unfortunately, the formula just doesn’t agree with my skin. The “lightweight” part is lost on me, it feels like i’m putting on thick butter. The scent is very close to glue or baby cream on my skin, whereas on my mum’s, it smells like sweet vanilla. It is very moisturizing so I’ll be passing it along to my mom. I would not recommend it to people with oily skin or a skin chemistry that doesn’t agree with vanilla. 3/10, lots of good ingredients and an ethos I can get behind but I would not purchase again or use. Sorry Antipodes!

2.Avant Skincare:

Brand Introduction: Avant is also a nature-meets-science brand that’s ethical, cruelty free and eco-responsable. It describes itself as “skincare-to-share”, formulated with the help of the best pharmacists in the world, it’s a luxury brand with many offerings.

Product: Ultimate Hyaluronic Acid Resurfacing Duo Moisturizer, which means it works for both night and day. You can get it from their website or from a number of other online stores like Lookfantastic.

Price: I have the full size (50ml) which is *a bit* expensive at $138, on sale for $96.60 on Lookfantastic. (Get a discount at Lookfantastic when using my referral link)

Review: I got this one in a Lookfantastic beauty box, for the steep price of €20, so this sweetens the deal for me. On to the cream, it’s really light and absorbs quickly into the skin and most of all the hyaluronic acid in it doesn’t burn my skin, because yeah that happened a couple of times and it was not fun. It smells of white flowers and it makes my skin feel really refreshed, also it has a double use, what more could a girl want ? I would rate it: 8.5/10, solely because the price tag is kind of hefty but if you can get it on sale, go for it, I recommend it heavily especially for WOC with oily skin like me !

As you can see, for me there is a clear winner. How about you? What’s your favorite day cream? Have you had any experience with these brands?

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