Shop Ethical, Shop Witchy Part 4

1.Madame Alchemie:

Madame Alchemie was born out of the pain of its founder, to combat the clinical aspect of her pain management aka epsom bath salts: she started mixing them up with fragrance oils and essential oils. The business side debuted when she was left unable to work, the creations from her hobby were already loved, turning it into a business happened organically. All her products are vegan, cruelty-free and bookish in nature, often coinciding with folklore and mythology. They are made and tested in house, if you check her instagram, you will see people raving about her face oil! That face oil was launched after seeing improvements in her son’s eczema.

Madame Alchemie also places importance on affordability: £7 for a 10ml perfume rollerball (quite cheap for an indie), her prices start at £5 for nut-free lip balms and all her products are under £20. She ships worldwide, you can get up to seven lip balms/perfumes shipped for £4-£5 anywhere in the world.

She will be restocking some luscious scents at the end of the month, like my beloved Dryad (Cherry blossoms, Rain and Dried branches) and for a few £ off, you can use her rep codes : CHLOE8, ROSE8, VEXO8 or BONE8.

2.Haus of Gaunt:

Haus of Gaunt is a shop for lovers of everything vintage and pretty design. All the frames are genuinely vintage and have been given a second life. The idea was born out of the owner’s partner making her a gothic house mock up, the business was his originally but she took it over later on to sell her delicate creations. You’ll find in her Etsy: prints, hair brushes and mirrors, all exquisitely decorated.

Prices start at £2 for prints to £55-£60 for custom orders. International shipping can bé up to £25 for mirrors, tracked and signed. Check out these beautiful celestial hair brushes and subscribe to her instagram to be informed of her upcoming sale at the end of august.

3.Cocoa Cauldron:

Cocoa Cauldron is a delicious family-run hot chocolate business. Katrina Kendell runs the business, whilst her husband happily makes chocolate delights and let’s not forget that these creations are endorsed by their little girls, who firmly believe their father makes the best hot chocolate ! Cocoa Cauldron is also the fruit of a family of social and environmental activists, therefore their cocoa powder is slave-free and ethically sourced packaged in recyclable glass jars made in the USA.

The mission of their brand is “bewitchingly sweet hot cocoa”, they want to inspire luxurious coziness in all of their clients. A magickal evening sitting by a cackling fire, a marshmallow-topped mug of steaming, rich hot cocoa in your hands as you peer out the window at the fog rolling through the woods on a crisp autumn morning. Their cocoa will inspire a world of beautiful aesthetics and luxurious self care to soothe your soul.

Cocoa Cauldron currently only ships in the United States, from $8 to $14. Their 666gr jar is currently on sale for $19 (previously $23) if you wanna grab it. Head on over to their website or their instagram for more chocolatey goodness!

You've done it!

9 thoughts on “Shop Ethical, Shop Witchy Part 4

  1. The “witchiest” thing about me is I own a Tarot deck, but damn are these small businesses all awesome!! Definitely feeling the hot cocoa! Love it xx

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