Shop Ethical, Shop Witchy (Part 3)

1.Bisou Glass n’ Stuff:

Born in a family of artists, the brain behind the delightful Bisou Glass n’ stuff, has started her business to get herself out of a depressive hole and the only way forward was through getting her creativity out, she started creating with resin and thus started her shop. It weaves together her passion, her interest for erverything touching on to witchcraft, her creativity and her love of glass blowing. She tries to source her molds as much as possible from small companies that craft the molds themselves.

Her items start at $3 for a keychain to $30 for wall hanging pieces, like the picture on the right ( I must admit I’ve been eyeing it, find it here) with international shipping. So head on out to her etsy to find out more about her colorful universe!


Something a little bit different, HagRoot makes indie perfume oils (as well as other goods), which if you’re not familiar is a world of wonderful and sometimes bizarre fragrances not found in mainstream perfumery. She has been creating them for over ten years, they are pieces of her, darkness, enchantment and magic infused into them. HagRoot was born in the spring of 2015, to represent a connection to the earth and to embrace the old, the “ugly” and the wise part of ourselves. As much as her perfumes are her connection the earth’s medicines, they are also her connection to the world as she lives in her own world. As she has a lot of items on her website, she recommends following your intuition like she follows hers when creating these pieces of wonders.

Her prices vary from $5-$20, she also ships worldwide, she has a sale section going on right now, but you should sign up to her newsletter ro be informed of upcoming ones. Head on over to HagRoot to be pulled into a peaceful world of darkness, mesmerizing scents and radical acceptance of yourself.

3.L’Atelier Artisanal:

L’Atelier Artisanal was started by Caroline, a french woman in Florence in 2005. The great grand daughter of a healer from Brittany, she works with copper as it is a powerful material and natural stones as she feels energies quite strongly. Born in the countryside, her link to mother earth and magic translates in a strong concern for ecology, she thus only uses small artisans to source her products, never big resellers.

Her gorgeous pieces range from 40-80 euros a piece and she solely ships in Europe right now. She is running a coupon for August giving you 20% off everything, use INSTA2020 at checkout. Head on over to fawn over and maybe snag yourself a bewitching piece at L’Atelier Artisanal. Free shipping over 65€

4.Druidcraft Jewelry:

Greece-based, Druidcraft Jewelry is the result of it’s founder, Nina’s dissatisfaction with her job as an interior designer. To feel creative, at a job that made her miserable, she used to create jewelry inspired by fantasy stories and D&D. The feeling of escapism it gave her, made her quit her job and start this wonderful little shop. All her materials are cruelty-free and ethically sourced and her packaging is as waste-free as possible. As all her pieces are handmade and her happy place, she puts into them her happiness and positive intentions.

Her pieces start at €30 and go up to €100 for more intricate pieces. She ships worldwide for only €11 with priority mail. She has given the readers a 10% off code, enter THANKYOUARTEMIS at checkout. Head on over to Druidcraft Jewelry to discover or shop some ravishing jewelry that will last you a lifetime!

5.Madame Jeannette:

Madame Jeannette makes jewelry to suit any woman, fascinated by the occult and with a knack for art; she started doing micro-macrame when she saw it on YouTube, as a challenge at first and then it turned into a passion. She places a great importance on where her materials are sourced, she buys all her stones from a spanish lapidary that works with a small indian business to avoid child labor. She loves injecting her own style into the traditionally “hippie” micro-macrame.

She ships worldwide, free shipping in France. Head on over to her Etsy for some more heavenly micro-macrame.

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