5 witchy artisans to fall in love with

Witchy Businesses part 2

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1.Drop Dead Cute Resin:

Drop Dead Cute Resin is London based artisan that produces jewellery, keyrings and trinket boxes with resin. They give the utmost importance to choosing their ethical products, either by growing the flowers themself, using already passed insects or shopping local. Coming from a family of Healers, this has strenghtened their connection to nature and thus their desire to produce beautifully handcrafted affordable trinkets, using the most eco-friendly products out there to bring joy to their clients.

Their price vary from £3 – £7 for most of their jewellery and trinkets range. For coffin jewellery, prices start at £12. Shipping is limited to the UK for now (free shipping). Swing by Drop Dead Cute Resin‘s shop for lovely little tokens of love and appréciation, for yourself or your loved ones !

2. Erenstone:

Erenstone is a french artisan jeweller and macrame artist. Their marvelous products combine a love for indian jewellery especially ones using brass, their passion for micro-macrame and an attraction to crystals. Inspired by nature, sacred geometry, the fairy world and tribal art, each of her pieces is a unique tresor combining several influences.

New macrame pieces are added to her website, roughly every two weeks and fly off the shelf as soon as they’re uploaded. Follow her instagram or facebook to be informed of the new pieces coming up and when. Head on over to her page to get yourself a stunningly intricate piece!

PS: She ships all over the world for relatively cheap, so anyone can get these bad boys! 2,70 to 4,50 € for shipping in France and 6 to 9,50€ for all other countries.

3.Charmed Embroidery :

Charmed embroidery is a relatively new business that specializes in embroidering books, velvet pouches, coasters and anything that can be embroidered. Her sewing is a connection to the world and her clients, a bond forged with her love of crafts and reiki pushed into the products she sells.

For now, you can only purchase through joining her group, shipping is solely in Australia and she takes customs.

Prices start at $5 and can go up to $80 for a single item,if this is something that intrigued you,head on over to her page.

4.Little Foxy’s Trinkets:

Little Foxy’s Trinkets is our second macrame jeweller in this list! All of their materials are sourced ethically from india. This is the stunning work of a baby witch, using crafting as daily meditation and infusing pure magic, love and creativity into each piece that blesses the home of her customers.

Her delicate enticing wearable art start at €25 for simpler pieces to €70 for high quality gemstones. Shipping is free worldwide, tracked and registered, DHL express is also provided for as low as €8.She does lots of giveaways and sales, so follow her instagram to get a good deal.

She has been generous enough to provide the readers of this blog with a coupon, use WITCHY10 at checkout to get 10% off your order. Head on over to her Etsy shop for some exquisite pieces that will have everyone bewitched!

5.Anima in Bloom:

Anima in Bloom is a Magical Item Boutique and Apothecary, all materials that aren’t sourced ethically (bath and body range) are upcycled. An upbringing full of magic,the heart of a performer (she does cabaret and is a drag king) and an immersive piece about society binding women and witchcraft freeing them are the elements that brought her to start her business during lockdown. As she got more into witchcraft after a break of several years, she combined it with her love of crafts to create spell kits, candles and a magic infused bath and body range. The identity of her brand is female emporwement: her candles are women-shaped, the name of her brand Anima in Bloom a reference to Jung’s anima, the femine side blooming and shining into the world.

Prices start at $10 for the bath and body range and can go up to $250 for a custom spell kit/gift set. Shipping is limited to the US,Mexico, Canada,UK,NZ and Australia for now, she also offers local delivery. Gift sets in pre-order ar discounted, The Virgo Gift Set will be available in pre-order the 10th of August and mailed at the start of Virgo season. ( You might get amulet bars, bath brews,moon mists, tea blends,spell bottles…)

Anima in Bloom has given the readers a code, enter ARTEMISPOWERBOOSTER at checkout for 10% off your entire order of $40 or more. She is also currently offering an automatic 10% off one add-on item with the purchase of a mini candles, large spell candle or gift set. Head over to her shop to stock up on stunning magickal supplies or wait to the gift set pre-orders and get a great deal!

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