Shop Ethical, Shop Witchy

5 witchy businesses to put magic back into your life.

1.The Pretty Cult:

The Pretty Cult is a small business,based in Los Angeles, catering to an attraction to the darker things, from apparel to homeware. All of their pieces are designed and made in Los Angeles by the founder Arielle Salsa, items that are outsourced are given to other small businesses in LA or the US. The founder strives to reduce waste in her company, anything from keeping fabric scraps and creating something new with them to not issuing tissue paper with their packaging. With a background in the musical industry and a passion for sewing since she was ten, Arielle started The Pretty Cult three years ago. Her attraction to the darker arts and her path to a spirituality that made her feel at ease are her main inspiration for creating gorgeous pieces that bring joy and magic to dark hearts.

The best part being that she ships worldwide, head on over to The Pretty Cult to see some more alluring pieces.

A peak at my favorite accessory from them: Tarot Card Patch.

2.Unearthen Jewelry:

Unearthen Jewelry is an artisan jeweller, based in Tennessee, that focuses on ethical crystals, most of them sourced locally. The founder Megan’s journey started as a discovery of witchcraft and a spirituality she could call her own. Delving in these worlds brought her a love for crystals and a thirst for knowledge about them. A journey that started for self discovery ended up leading to the creation of a business to educate on something very dear to her heart: crystals. What better way to do it than through beautiful jewellery.

For now, shipping is solely US based, but you can reach out to the founder as she is open to exploring shipping abroad, head on over to Unearthen Jewelry for some cute jewelry with a side of education!

3.Dark Eclipe Creations:

Dark Eclipse Creations is a business that puts an emphasis on their products being 100% ethical from start to finish. The founder’s journey as a witch played a big part in her business being ethical, as she believes firmly in what you take from the World, you put back in kindly and thoughtfully. These beautiful creations started as a positive aid in the founder’s journey of mental health and evolved into a love for creating magic for others. Every product is embedded with the maker’s Magic, all her blessings and good intentions to make thé world smile more.

Her products are very dainty and ship worldwide, especially those cute pen holders (right picture) so head on over to Dark Eclipse Creations for a shopping experience full of love, light and blessings.

4.Crystal Karma by Trina:

Crystal Karma a small ethical business, based in the gold coast, run by Trina, an advocate for spiritual wellness. Her journey started while recovering from surgeries from a car accident, she started making jewellery then turned it into a business. She loves hand making beautiful ethical items because of her spiritual connection to Mother Nature and all the elements.

Crystal Karma currently only ships to New Zealand and Australia. Head on to her website for some more beautifully handcrafted items. If like me you we’re instantly attracted to the purple singing bowl, know that for now it is sold out, but you can snap it up in indigo and yellow before they sell out !


GeminiOddities is an artisan business presenting to the world the Gemini duality of its founder, their art pieces range from cottage-core to pastel fairy aesthetics. Their real botanicals are home grown and the specimens they use are cruelty free paper specimens from Moth and Myth. Witchcraft, astrology and manifestation occupies a great place in the founder’s spiritual and artistic journey. The art they create generates peace for them and joy for their clients. GeminiOddities create all sorts of pieces spanning : resin art pieces, trinket boxes, trays, jewellery and even ouija boards!

Shipping is confined to the US for now, a 5$ flat rate for small pieces and 10$ for larger ones like Ouija boards. Head over to GeminiOddities page to be enchanted by the fairy aesthetic of their pieces.

This will be an ongoing series, featuring other groups hopefully.

You've done it!

7 thoughts on “Shop Ethical, Shop Witchy

  1. These are great recommendations. The necklaces and bracelets by Unearthen Jewelry are really cute. But all these businesses are great if you’re looking for gifts that are thoughtful and special.

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