Rococo Chocolatier Hamper


Thank you Rococo for the lovely treat! I had received an order of their chocolate bars from Harvey Nichols a few weeks back, that I used for a tartelts recipe on my instagram. They contacted me to offer this hamper as a gift and I was delighted, so I decided to review it.

Rococo is a british artisan chocolatier. Using exquisite packaging, ethically sourced quality ingredients and the craftsmanship of their chocolatiers, they won several awards.

Now, on to the contents of this hamper:

  • A 200g bag of Scorched Almonds in dusted dark chocolate
  • White chocolate Cardamom Thins
  • 2 70g Chocolate Bars ( I received milk chocolate and Moroccan Mint)
  • 3 20g Chocolate Bars ( I received Orange Blossom Neroli, Moroccan Mint and Earl Grey Tea)

These treats are presented in a beautiful wicker gift basket.
I was surprised by a couple of things in the basket:

  • The dark chocolate with mint, I generally dislike this flavor but in this case, the mint is not overpowering, it’s a gentle breeze that compliments the bitterness and the creaminess of the chocolate.
  • The Scorched almonds, I thought would be sort of a healthy snack (they’re vegan), but they were so luscious, the vanilla that was rubbed on the almonds really comes through. It’s decadent, luxurious and very praline-esque.

However, my favorite treats in the hamper have to be the Cardamom White Chocolate Thins. White Chocolate has never been my favorite but this changed the game, the chocolate is not overly sweet and the citrusy zing from the cardamom takes it to the next level.

This would make such a lovely gift for any occasion. Shop it here.

You can get 10% off Rococo’s treats by subscribing to their newsletter.

Thank you so much Rococo, This hamper is gonna make the end of the lockdown so much easier.

You've done it!

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